Dark days lie ahead, like the black ink that stains my fingertips. Since childhood, my drawings have foretold a day when all of what we know will be gone, replaced with dragons and demons, cyborgs and spaceships. These nightmares seen in my waking life torment me constantly, and I am left with no other conduit to exorcise these beasts than to set them down on the paper or screen. Their realization is my solace. And so I have toiled for years on end, improving my craft so that I may more exactly and deftly define the contours and depths of these visions from some absinthe apocalypse. Luckily, I get paid for it.

     My clients have included Fantasy Flight Games, Harebrained Schemes, Vanguard Games, White Wizard Games, Anvil Eight Games, and many more. 

     I'm an American living in the Netherlands with my beautiful family and pet kitty, enjoying what precious few moments we have left until the beasts overcome us all.